Tsang Wai-Tsz



Wai-Tsz started studying flute at the age of 6. Achieved excellent grades on academic studies. She received her Bachelor of Music (with Hons.), major in flute performance, at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) in 2014.

Wai-Tsz has attended masterclasses and private lessons by world-renowned flutists such as Emmanuel Pahud, Pierre-Yves Artaud, Paul-Edmund Davies, Susan Milan, Dieter Flury, Bradley Garner, Lisa Nelson, and Orlando Cela to name a few. To broaden her flute horizon, she has also worked on Baroque flute with Jari Puhakka and contemporary techniques on flutes with various composers.

Wai-Tsz is an active performer who performs in different events like classical concerts, pop singer's concerts, TV shows, celebrations of companies, and venue such as The Government House and Hong Kong City Hall. She has performed as principal flute and piccolo player with the Academy Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Wind Philharmonia, Wind Philharmonia and SAR Philharmonic Orchestra. Being a current member of Viva Flutist, she performs in form of flute choir, quartet, and duets at concerts on regular basis.

As an educator, Wai-Tsz has more than 9 years of experience in teaching individual and group lessons. Apart from being a private lesson tutor, she is hired by different schools and music centers. To enrich her content of courses, she arranges music for students in different forms of ensemble and conduct in person. Wai Tsz’s style of teaching is to give her students high level of clarity and accuracy in learning, as well as raising student’s interest in practicing their instruments.