Jeroen Duran


intperGU / Language Camp

Mr. Jeroen Duran (JD) enhances his teaching with arts and craft, stimulating children’s imagination and developing their creativity.

As a writer, poet, lyricist, musician and illustrator, JD emphasizes the importance of art in all aspects of learning, be it languages, curriculum, or music.

JD is currently kindergarten teacher of Yau Yat Cheung School. His contribution to the education field involves designing and developing curriculums as the Vice president of School Liaisons, his involvement has vastly included the recruitment of teachers. Talented in both visual arts and music, JD hosts arts and craft workshops for children as well as drama classes. He was further involved in several voice-over projects for DataSource International and Transperfect Ltd. as Voice Artist.

JD is also passionate with his musical compositions, which includes pieces for piano, guitar, and solo voice.