Gillian Ho


Piano / Musicianship

Gillian is an experienced educator in music studies and has been teaching at various schools, including the American International School (Primary), St. Teresa Secondary School, and HKFEW Wong Cho Bau School (Primary), just to name a few. Over the years, she has accumulated vast experience in tailor-making teaching curriculum and resources, as well as working and communicating with students’ parents in relation to students’ progress and performance. 

In addition, Gillian has continued to focus on her academic development and obtained HKUSPACE Certificate in Special Education, and currently, embarking on HKUSPACE Diploma in Special Education as well to further her path in the education field. 

Gillian has over 20 years of piano tutoring experience at different venues. She is also an established accompanist for grading students’ and Diploma students’ competitions, examinations, and performances.

Gillian’s style of teaching is interactive and enjoyable, often involving students’ parents to participate in various fun activities.